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Jon is the offical dealer for Schenker watermakers, an Italian manufacturer that is currently the leading company in its field, with a new generation of  watermakers using low power but with a high output. 

He can supply brand new models with usually one week's delivery time and provide installation, with or without the owner's help, or self-installation which will then be inspected for warranty purposes.

See our ZEN 30 and Zen 50 watermakers here.


Jon can fit  fridges, freezers, refrigeration kits and / or systems for your motor boat or sailing yacht in 12/24V DC as well as 230V for larger systems.  All the refrigeration products can be either air or water cooled using 12V or 24V DC or 115V or 240V AC power.

Electrical & Mechanical Solutions

Jon specialises in charging systems, a common necessity for offshore sailing in the modern highly automated sailing environment. 

Stainless Steel & Acetal Fabrication

In association with the local company Tekkocan S.L., Jon can get most things made or just point you in the right direction.

General Fault Finding

34 years of living aboard his own boat, together with 13 years as a vehicle mechanic in the Royal Marines, have meant that Jon is adept at tracing and solving all sorts of boat based problems!

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